Why Remote Learning Stressed Me Out More Than My Kids

Photo by Canva.com/customized stock photos

There is no doubt about it that our teachers are rockstars holding the weight of the world on their shoulders right now but no matter how good they are, and how engaging their virtual classrooms may be — children won’t be successful without the cooperation of parents and caregivers at home. If half of the team can’t make it to the game, then how can any of us succeed at this? If this were a game of softball, I’d be benched for the season at this point due to a mix of physical exhaustion and strikeouts.

Our kids have the privilege that I am heavily involved in their education, but even I am saying it’s too much.

Nothing about this year or the pandemic has been normal and it is hard to pretend that harmony in a remote-only existence is possible on top of the isolation and anxieties some of us already feel as mothers, in addition to our other responsibilities and roles.

writer, advocate, educator

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